Moving Out and Moving On

After a whirlwind week of apartment hunting and packing and moving and unpacking, I am happy to report that we have moved out of our house! We’ve also been notified that the appraisal on the house went through, so we are even more official now with 6 days left until we close.

In our true ‘out of the norm’ fashion, our move involved an extra layer of complication because I was completely out of commission the whole time due to a minor (but painful) surgery. All is well health-wise, but I am currently still recovering on the couch and moving around slowly.  During the entire moving process, I was either asleep or heavily medicated. Zach served as the man in charge of our move from the beginning. He hired our movers, helped arrange furniture, carried extra un-packable stuff up three flights of stairs, and tended to my healing self. I’ve got myself a really good husband.

The Details

Our apartment is in a complex close to downtown, right on the river. It’s a great location because it’s pretty close to where I work and very close to the grocery stores and restaurants we already frequent. Plus, my cousin lives a few doors down! The apartment is a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and clocks in at about 750 square feet–half the size of our house. At first, we were nervous that it would be way too small for us, but it is actually quite roomy with an open concept living/dining/kitchen area that we really like. It has one giant walk-in closet that meets our storage needs and the bathroom has a perfect nook for cat litter boxes. We’ve also got a good-size balcony that we hope to enjoy more once the weather gets less humid.

Our biggest “minimalism win” was how incredibly easy this move was. We didn’t have a lot of stuff; so we were packed and moved in a blink. Zach and I both agreed that we have never, ever had a move that was this easy. (It was especially easy for me because I slept through it.)

moving in

The actual moving of our stuff only took 2 hours with two professional movers and their truck. They arrived at the house around 9:00 AM, and I was sleeping in the bed in our new place by 11:00 AM. I’m a firm believer in hiring professional movers always, and with me being unable to help this was definitely the best option for us. We packed up everything using boxes leftover from my brother’s move, which only took us a few after work evenings.  Of course, there were a lot of things that we knew we didn’t want to (or couldn’t) move. Our dining table was too big for the new space, there would’ve been no room for my exercise bike, and we have no need for a lot of the tools and garden supplies we had acquired at the house. Thankfully, we were able to find homes for a lot of this stuff with friends and family. One of the movers we hired had just  moved into a new apartment, so we gave him our dining table set and dresser as a tip. It worked out perfectly for both parties involved. If we had a bit more time, I would have put more effort into trying to sell some of this stuff so that we could have extra cash.

The rest of the weekend was spent with Zach doing most of the unpacking and moving things around while I gave him directions in between naps. All of our boxes were empty by  Monday. Our next task is to finish putting up the art and go shopping for a few new things we need for the place–a smaller dining table, a pair of lamps, some organizational caddies for our kitchen. Hopefully by this weekend, I’ll be feeling well enough to get out and about to find some good deals. We’re also still in the process of changing our address in all the places where it needs to be updated–which is a huge chore.  (And a reason why we never, ever want to move again.)

There are some final things we have to do at the house  We’ve hired a cleaning company to come through and clean it for us. Usually, this is something that we would do ourselves, but because I’m still healing, we figured it would be best to call in some professionals to do it for us. It will be worth the added cost. We do have to go by again and make sure we’ve got everything out as far as tools and odds-and-ends. Of course, we also want to have one final time to say goodbye to the house as we know it.  Maybe take some pictures, have a glass a wine, try not to cry. We’ll see. I know, it’s a house, and it doesn’t have feelings, but some sort of closure would probably be good for us, especially since this whole moving process has been a blur.

In other news, our cats seems to be settling in quite well at the apartment.

Charlie enjoying the balcony view.

Charlie enjoying the balcony view.

Farrah found a comfortable new spot.

Farrah found a comfortable new spot.

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